Big MOuth Italian Burger Bites


Delicious little sliders that are always a big hit!


1.25 lbs. Ground Sirlion

Italian Bread



Roasted Red Pepper Marinara Sauce

Parmesan Cheese

2 tbls. Oregano

2 tbls. Basil

2 tbls. Black Pepper

1 tbls. Tumeric


Bring lightly greased large sauce pan to a medium heat of about 6.

In medium mixing bowl add your ground sirlion and your spices; black pepper, tumeric, oregano, and basil mixxing well incorperating all the spices through out the meat.

Portion for cooking 2 in” patties and add them to your pan.

Cook throughly till the beef is 160 degrees F.

Cut your Italian bread into 2.2 in” pieces top with spinach dill pickle on each.

In a seperate pan heat your roasted red pepper marinara sauce till hot.

On the other side of your slider bun place your meat topped with a spoonful of the roasted red pepper marinara sauce.

Add fresh chunks of parmesan cheese to the top of the marinara.

Close your slider and enjoy.

This recipe makes 7-8 sliders.

Messaage me for questions. Thank you


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