2 Egg 3 Cheese Quesadilla

Ingredients :

2 eggs

2 tortillas

1 slice onion chopped

1 slice tomato chopped

Olive oil

Mozzarella cheese

Pepper jack cheese 

Swiss cheese

2 saute pans


Heat your pan to about medium low and drizzle a few tablespoons of olive oil in pan and add your onions and tomatoes. Simmer a few minutes and cracked your 2 eggs into the pan.

Heat your second pan up and place your tortillas in pan.

Once your eggs are cooked to liked doneness dish on top of one of your tortillas in the bottom of pan on top of your mozzarella. 

Add the rest of your cheese to the top.

Place the 2nd tortilla on top and gently flip. Cook for a few minutes until warm throughout. Cut in half and serve.

Serve with your favorite salsa and sour cream! Enjoy!

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