My Crazy Corn Chip Pie 

My crazy corn chip pie like all my dishes I try to use as many organic all natural ingredients that I can find available to me. For this I have found very few corn chips in my area gmo free, central market brand gave an option and Amy’s Organic chili (I am not endorsed ).

Check it out super easy super fun with the family. We like to set up a topping station and let everyone pic their toppings…

This is mine. ..



Corn chips 

Shredded cheese (mozzarella )

Diced tomato

Diced onion

California hot mix 


Heat your chili thoroughly and layer on top of your chips in the bowl and top.

I top traditionally with cheese and jalapeños but used California hot mix this time. I added tomatoes and onions as well.

I had a lot of fun eating this and hope that this dish inspires others to have fun with food too.


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