Carne di Maiale Fettuccine Tomato Fresca 

This picture above is my breakfast variation that I top the dish with a fried egg.

This dish feeds 10 to 12 as the way I made it but as always the ratios can be reduced or increased to make more or less.

This tossed pasta dish is simple and easy.


16 Oz fettuccine uncooked pasta

2 zucchinis 

1 pkg mild breakfast sausage

1 leek

5 tomatoes 3/4 in cut

Olive oil 

Cilantro to garnish 

Fried egg to top optional 


In medium sauce pan cook your pork until all the pink is diminished. 

Heat water to boil on high and in large pot when the water is boiling add pasta and cook till tender. 

In medium pan use a tbls of olive oil and heat pan.

Thinly slice the zucchinis and cook on med high. About 2 min in add a splash of water and cover to quickly cook the zucchinis. 

Add salt and pepper to the zucchini. 

Once all three are cooked add together to a large tossing bowl and add your leek raw and sliced.

Top with fresh chopped tomatoes. 


Fry and top with egg and or cilantro to kick it up a notch. 

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