Cuban Style Black Beans And Rice 

serves about 6


3 cups uncooked black beans (soaked in water over night)

1 cup uncooked rice

1 green onion

1 jalapeño 

2 tbs butter or oil

1/2 an onion diced

1 tbs cumin

1/2 tbs salt and 1/2 tbs pepper 

Cheddar cheese 

2 jalepenos

1 qt plain yogurt 


Rinse and add soaked beans to large pot and add water to cover the beans.

Cook on high about 45 minutes till tender.

Place beans in food processor or blender and pulse on liquify.

In saute pan add 2 tbs butter or oil to pan and add your diced onion, jalapeño diced, and green onion.

The add the pulsed black beans to sauce pan and add 2 cups of water.

Let cook down on medium high for 30 miutes.

In medium sauce pan bring 2 cu water to boil then add your 1 cu rice.

Return heat to low .

Cover and let cook 12-15 minutes.

Do not lift lid till 12 minutes for any reason. 

In oven at 375° in small pan cook your peppers till tender and char looking on outside in some places.

About 20 min.

Once peppers are tender in your blender or processor add your peppers and yogurt and liquify.

Your beans you will need to add all the spices, your cumin, salt ,and pepper. Cook about 45 minutes until desired thickness is achieved. 

Layer your rice, beans, cheese and top with the jalapeño yogurt. ..

And enjoy!

Super Easy Black Bean Nachos 

Serves 2 to 4

Super easy black bean nachos are quick and easy when in a crunch for time.

Ingredients :

8 Oz cooked black beans

Tortilla chips

1/4 cup melted cheese 

1/2 tomato diced

1 green onion thin sliced


Heat your beans in microwave for 2 minutes.

Lay your tortilla chips on the plate.

Melt your 1/4 cup melt able cheese with a little water (3tbs).

Layer your black beans then your cheese.

Top with diced tomato and thin sliced green onion.

Super fast lunch or snack!

Garnished here with my smoked jalapeño yogurt.

Veggie Nacho Supreme

Veggie Nachos Supreme 1

Veggie Nacho Supreme 1

This is one of my Vegertarian Nacho Sumpreme dishes that I have been filling up on lately. A low fat high fiber version of old mundane nachos packed with antioxidents and power.


Tortilla chips

1 cu. cooked pinto beans

1/3 cu queso

1/2 cu or so cabbage

1/2 Roma tomato

1 stalk of celery

7 thinly sliced cucumber

sour cream

Roasted Red Ghost Pepper Salsa


Start by layering a thin but solid layer of chips in the center of the plate.

In a microwave safe dish heat your beans layering them on the chips.

Your cheese should be heated as well (also in a microwave safe dish) until completely melted into gooey goodness.

Layer on top oof the beans.

Make sure to always thoroughly wash your vegetables befor eating and cooking.

Your vegetables will need to be cut into a form that is easily eaten on chips so we will start with the cabbage.

The cabbage you will use 1/6 of a small head of raw cabbage. this cabbage is going to pack in alot of nutrients that lettuce lacks and a wonderful texture to your nachos as well.

Thinly (as thin as you can) shredd your cabage. I do this prcess with my 12″ chef knife. A shredder may be easier if you have one that is totally up to you.

Pile your neatly shredded cabbage on one spot on your nacho.

Then will will dice your half a roma tomato and place next to the shrredded cabbage.

Your one stalk of celery diced goes next to the tomato. Again this is one of those ingredients that changes the texture alot and adds alot of value to the dish.

Cucumber slices I dice as well piling them next to the celery where all the diffrent veggies can be seen.

Topping with a small spoon of my roasted red ghost pepper salsa and small scoop of sour cream.

And Enjoy.

Again if you have any questions please feel free to message me!