Steak Fried Rice

Steak Fried Rice

Marinated Steak Fried Rice

Quick and Easy


1 package cubed steak meat

2 cu. serving day old rice

1 cu frozen mixed vegetables (the one with the peas and carrots)

2 eggs

3 tbs soy sauce

Grapeseed oil

1 cucumber sliced


1 large saute pan or wok


In your large pan add your uncooked steak on medium heat (6)

Add salt and pepper to taste.

Cook till desired doneness is achieved


Remove from pan put aside.

Clean pan

Add your grapeseed oil to the bottom of a heated pan.

Your heat for this step should be at about medium a 5 or 6.

Chop up your day old rice real good with your stir spoon and add to grapeseed oil.

Stir generously. It is important  not to use fresh rice because if you do it will not taste good.

Fry the rice for about 5 or 6 minutes then add your desired amount of cooked meat. I usually use about 1.5 to 2 cups of meat.

Then add your frozen vegetables and make sure that before moving on to the next step the vegetables are dethawed and warm.

Continue to stir your wok making sure not to let the food stick.

Ok the fun part, eggs!

I like to crack them right above the wok and scramble them in as the rice is cooking but the easier version you can just scramble them in a seperate bowl on the side and add them in that way.

Add your 3 tbs of soy sauce. this you can add less or more what ever you desire.

Keep stirring till you see that the egg is cooking and the dish is starting to look like it is supposed to!

I love garnishes. The garnish always makes the food more fun to enjoy when it is time to eat with family and friends!

Steak Fried Rice

Use the sliced cucumbers and cilantro as your ganish.

I am so hungry!

I hope you found it as easy as I do.

Learning different cooking styles is always a little harder at first but worth it.

If you have any questions send me a message!