Black Current Florentine Mac N Cheese

Ingredients :

9 oz elbow pasta

1 package 9 oz spinach raw

1 medium carrot

1/4 cu balsamic

1/4 cu pear juice

1/5 cu black current seed

1/2 cu pimento cheese spread

2 tbs butter non salted

Olive oil

And sliced sausage cooked

and 1 saute pan , 1 pasta pot


Start your water boiling to cook your 9 Oz of pasta.

Prepare your carrot using a potato peeler to get those even thinly sliced carrot shavings and spinach and place in your saute pan on about medium heat with a drizzle of olive oil on bottom of pan.

Add your balsamic vinegar, pear juice and black current to pan cooking until the spinach is wilted.

When your pasta is ready drain any extra water out. Add your pimento cheese and butter incorporate together well.

The meat in this dish is totally optional.

Place your mac at the bottom of the bowl topping with sliced cooked sausage if desired and your black current spinach carrot balsamic veggies.

I love food and Mac and cheese is so much fun to dress up with different things. I am always inventing and trying to do things new and diffrent. Stay hungry my friend.